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Our Mission

 Parrish Playworks, Inc. is a registered non-profit which uses the art of theater to celebrate our local culture and history, create opportunities for self-expression, build bridges across any social or economic divide, spark the local economy, and to gather the people of Parrish, Florida together as theater participants and audience. We believe Parrish (and the north river section of Manatee County) deserves its own theater space for the whole community to enjoy!  


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Our Success

How we have grown...

With Red Rooster Tales (which has grown into a collection of home-spun stories such as "Neighbors" and "Stories Your Mama Never Told You,") we continue to explore and celebrate our local culture, while looking ahead to all that Parrish can become if we join together. 

In conjunction with the Florida Railroad Museum, we have performed for tens of thousands of travelers by way of the North Pole Express and the murder mystery dinner trains. In partnership with Friends of Rocky Bluff Library our theater group remains dedicated to bringing professionally-staged community performance to northern Manatee County.  Using local talent, over 100 actors, singers, dancers, musicians, choreographers, writers, and designers from ages 8-80 have participated in our productions!  Looking ahead, Parrish Playworks, Inc. will continue to provide opportunities to showcase home-grown talent in various ways, including adding workshops and educational components for training younger performers.  

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